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The world’s wait and watch strategy has ended.

As China increasingly militarizes islands that the U.N.’s International Court of Justice ruled did not belong to them, a patient effort of diplomacy has been met by China’s brash incursions, provocations, and illegal activity to the astonishment of countries who have watched land, sea, and air rights be threatened. China’s “Might Makes Right” policies and naval build-up are alarming as they use high-pressure tactics, promissory loans, and insist that they are the rightful “Middle Kingdom” with historic rights to the region.

These books were written for readers to explore topics in an approachable manner by deconstructing the issues and providing a few hundred images to clarify topics presented. Winston and Sachdeva provide a grounded view while also presenting additional topics on China’s economic growth, military expansion, and political influence. Travel through each of the topics in this easy to read text that presents the topics people need to know to gain a broad perspective on the South China Sea. This book, completed in September 2020, is a must-read as we begin this decade.

In Raging Waters in the South China Sea: What the Battle for Supremacy Means for Southeast Asia, Winston and Sachdeva examine key points regarding U.S.-China great power influences as claimant states say, “Don’t make us choose!” Furthermore, state sovereignty and economic vitality are on the line as China swoops in to overtake islands one-by-one, staking out states’ resources as Beijing did when it took the Scarborough Shoal from the Philippines. This book discusses how oil, fish, and trade influence decisions as China moves inch-by-inch to take control and dominate the region.


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In the second book, China’s Power Grab and Expanding Claims: Projecting Influence & Control Throughout Asia, the South China Sea discussion extends into China’s simultaneous incursions throughout Asia and wider global aspirations. In an alarming and eye-opening take on the suppression of the Chinese people, this book colorfully illuminates Beijing’s state intervention, destruction of religion, concentration camps, social credit, and widespread surveillance. This book also serves as a basic primer into China’s actions in countries and territories throughout Asia to its north, south, east, and west. Discussions include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the Himalayas, and the control of water, altitude, territory, and military force.


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The third of the three books, Belts and Roads Under Beijing’s Thumb: Economic Domination & Debt-Trap Diplomacy, China’s reach widens through its Belt and Road Initiative as Beijing wraps its arms around the world with its diplomacy, generosity, and the goal of a win-win spirit. Yet, this book argues that China has offered numerous countries loans and support based upon a myth that no strings are attached. Debt-trap diplomacy, facemask diplomacy, and hostage diplomacy are three types of diplomacy Beijing uses to forward its interests. These tantalizing financial deals are not only false, but Beijing ties down states to political, economic, and social strings. Furthermore, tangled in a web, countries are forced to give up sovereignty, territory, and power. This book suggests that China’s “Might Makes Right” maritime, arctic/polar, and digital silk roads have transformed a string of pearls into an alarming wake of ‘dark fleets’, global loans, and traps.

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