China's Power Grab and Expanding Claims

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In China’s Power Grab and Expanding Claims: Projecting Influence & Control Throughout Asia, the South China Sea discussion extends into China’s simultaneous incursions throughout Asia and wider global aspirations. In an alarming and eye-opening take on the suppression of the Chinese people, this book colorfully illuminates Beijing’s state intervention, destruction of religion, concentration camps, social credit, and widespread surveillance. This book also serves as a basic primer into China’s actions in countries and territories throughout Asia to its north, south, east, and west. Discussions include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the Himalayas, and the control of water, altitude, territory, and military force.

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China Reimagines its Borders as Beijing Reinvents History

This compelling book captures the essence of the most complex challenges in Asia. Beijing’s global impact and ambition cannot be underestimated as it nudges into, influences, and dismantles international institutions. This book is a primer for anyone wanting to understand the profound issues, aggressive tactics, cultural genocide, inhumane torture, and social control occurring both within China and in its periphery as the CCP broadens its reach throughout Asia.

Xi Jinping is reshaping the world with win-win rhetoric, debt traps, artificial intelligence-driven surveillance, and Chinese characteristics.

As the world’s manufacturer of cheap products, complicit companies fuel China’s enterprises. Millions of imprisoned workers are forced into submission to supply labor for corporations that kowtow to Beijing’s wishes. The threat to democracy cannot be understated as state leaders have their hands out to fuel their economies.
Xi Jinping is on a quest for China’s global dominance. China now has the world’s largest economy and is taking over the world. The pandemic distracted society from serious global issues. Global citizens will soon realize that their once-sacred freedom, liberty, rule of law, and human rights, cherished by the liberal order, will no longer exist.
This book provides a powerful warning.

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