Island Takeovers

In March 2021, China provoked the Philippines, threatening to take over Whitsun Reef. Two hundred and twenty ships amassed outside of the reef ready to take the Philippine island. China claims the right to 90 percent of the South China Sea. China turned seven of these islands into military bases – some in waters that…

Brewing Storm in the South China Sea

The South China Sea is breathtakingly beautiful. Stunning beaches beckon travelers. Vacationers from all over the planet come to enjoy fresh pineapple, mango smoothies, and miles upon miles of sand. The coastlines are lined with shady trees and tropical flowers. Small islands dot the waterways and breathtaking coral reefs provide a snorkeler’s paradise. Yet having…

Chasing Tigers and Flies while Hunting Foxes

Introduction Even at the highest ranks of the Chinese elite, discipline and obedience are demanded. Political challengers within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are being removed from their offices and sentenced en masse. To take down tigers, top CCP leaders who are rivals of President Xi, local authorities gather any kind of incriminating evidence from…

The Howl of the ‘Wolf Warriors’

Introduction ‘Wolf Warrior’ is a modernized term in the Chinese lexicon that has stirred and emboldened the Chinese people. The concept holds a powerful place in 2020’s society, signifying both China’s aggressive stance on the world stage and their rabid control of the global media narrative. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) prepares and intensively trains…

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